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What is Water Soluble CBD? - Is Water-Soluble CBD Better?

Mar 09, 2024

What is Water Soluble CBD? - Is Water-Soluble CBD Better?

Science-Rite - What is Water Soluble CBD? - And the Tech Behind Nano Water Soluble CBD


To most people, Nanotechnology sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. But the tech has been around for years - and the way we can now use it in CBD products is changing the industry.

At Science-Rite, we focus on using cutting-edge advancements in Nanotechnology to create the safest, most effective CBD products. To help you understand our mission, this article will take you through the benefits of Water-Soluble CBD made possible by the use of Nano-Emulsification.

Back to Basics: Important Terms

Before you learn about the difference between Nano CBD and regular CBD, let’s take a look at some terms to know;

  • Absorb: to take in or integrate into the body
  • Bioavailability: the degree or ability of a substance to be absorbed in the body for use
  • Cannabidiol: also known as CBD - a molecule found in the Cannabis sativa plant
  • Emulsification: the process of mixing two liquids that cannot be fully blended (for example, oil and water), which makes Water-Soluble CBD possible
  • Nanometer: 1 billionth of a meter
  • Solubility: a substance’s ability to be dissolved in a liquid
  • Water-Soluble: a mixture of CBD oil and water through the process of emulsification

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Water-Soluble CBD?

The key difference between these two types of CBD is the process used to make the products consumable for humans.

Regular CBD

CBD is extracted from the aerial parts, including the flowers and leaves, of the hemp plant. After extraction, the material is refined and often mixed with a carrier like coconut-derived MCT oil to be bottled and sold to consumers. CBD molecules in regular products are around 4,440 nanometers in size.


However, the human body struggles to absorb CBD molecules of that size. Not only that, these CBD particles are not water-soluble, making them hard to absorb since our bodies are made of 60% water. Even when you use the highest quality standard product, the first-pass effect directs the CBD through the liver and other metabolically active tissues so that your body absorbs only about 6%-10%, wasting up to 94% of the CBD.

Nano-Emulsified CBD

Nano-Emulsified CBD uses a process called emulsification that dramatically increases bioavailability. The emulsification process uses high-intensity ultrasound waves, water, and an emulsifier to encapsulate each CBD particle, thus allowing them to be water-soluble. The technique splits the CBD molecule into hundreds of nanoparticles - 100 times smaller than regularly processed CBD molecules. They end up at around 40 nanometers but can be as small as 16 nanometers. Because Nano-Emulsified CBD particles are so much smaller and water-soluble, their bioavailability is substantially increased since they are directly absorbed into the lymphatic system, thus bypassing the first-pass effect.

What Are the Benefits of Nano Water Soluble CBD?

Nanotechnology offers benefits for CBD and many pharmaceutical products because of its effects on the size and water solubility of CBD particles. It will:

  • Enhance the bioavailability for more effective results
  • Speed the absorption time
  • Waste less CBD

Enhancing Bioavailability for More Effective Results

The most significant benefit of Nano-Emulsified CBD is that it will improve the absorption process and offer more effective results. Your body is better able to absorb the CBD so you can realize all of its beneficial effects.

Faster Absorption

Along with better bioavailability, Nano Water CBD will also be absorbed by the body faster. Instead of waiting for the beneficial effects to kick in, it’s possible to feel results with Water-Soluble CBD in a much shorter time because they can directly enter the lymphatic system.

Waste Not, Want Not

No one wants to buy a product if they only get to enjoy 6%-10% of its advertised strength. With standard CBD products, so much CBD is lost that it’s a big waste of money. Nano CBD products like the ones we offer at Science-Rite are real cost-savers.

Experience Nano CBD

Armed with an understanding of the benefits of Water-Soluble Nano CBD using Nano-Emulsified Technology, it’s essential to find a product that fits your needs and lifestyle. At Science-Rite, we offer a full line of Platinum-Series, Broad-Spectrum, Water-Soluble CBD products for you to choose. Experience science-backed, plant-based, Nano CBD from our curated selection.


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