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Technology Behind Science-RiteTM

To most people, Nanotechnology sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. But the technology has been around for years - and the way we can now use it in CBD products is changing the industry.

At Science-RiteTM, we focus on using cutting-edge advancements in Nanotechnology to create the safest, most effective CBD products. To help you understand our mission, this article will take you through the benefits of Platinum-Series, Water-Soluble CBD and our Gold-Series, Nano-Amplified CBD.

What Is the Difference Between Regularly Formulated CBD Products and Science-RiteTM Water-Soluble CBD Products?

The key difference between these two types of CBD is the process used to make the products consumable for humans.

Regular CBD

The CBD is extracted from the aerial parts, including the flowers and leaves, of the hemp plant. After extraction, the material is refined and often mixed with a carrier like coconut-derived MCT oil to be bottled and sold to consumers. The size of the CBD molecules in regularly formulated CBD products is typically between 4,000 and 5,000 nanometers.

However, the human body struggles to efficiently absorb CBD molecules that are this large. Additionally, these CBD formulations are typically not water-soluble, making them hard to absorb since our bodies are made of 60% water. Even when using the highest quality regularly formulated CBD products, the first-pass effect directs the CBD through the liver and other metabolically active tissues so that your body absorbs only about 6%-10%, resulting in a waste of up to 94% of the CBD.

Water Soluble CBD

Water-Soluble CBD uses a process called Nano-emulsification that dramatically increases bioavailability. The emulsification process uses high-intensity ultrasound waves, water, and an emulsifier to encapsulate each CBD particle, thus allowing them to be water-soluble. This technique portions the CBD formulation into hundreds of nanoparticles - 100 times smaller than regularly formulated CBD product. The Nano-Emulsified CBD formulations deliver CBD in sizes ranging from 15 to 50 nanometers. Because Nano-Emulsified CBD particles are so much smaller and water-soluble, their bioavailability is substantially increased since they are directly absorbed into the lymphatic system, thus bypassing the first-pass effect of the liver.

What Are the Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD?

Nanotechnology offers benefits for CBD and many pharmaceutical products because of its effects on the size and water solubility of CBD particles. It will:

- Enhance the bioavailability for more effective results - Speed the absorption time - Waste less CBD

Enhancing Bioavailability for More Effective Results

The most significant benefit of Nano-Emulsified CBD is that it will improve the absorption process and offer more effective and faster results. Your body is better able to absorb the CBD so you can realize all of its beneficial effects.

Faster Absorption

Along with better bioavailability. Nano-Emulsified CBD will also be absorbed by the body faster. Instead of waiting for the beneficial effects to start, it's possible to feel results with Water-Soluble CBD in a much shorter period of time because they can directly enter the lymphatic system.

Waste Not, Want Not

No one wants to buy a product if they only get to utilize 6%-10% of it. With regularly formulated CBD products, greater than 90% of the CBD is never absorbed, resulting in a big waste of money Nano CBD products, like the ones we offer at Science-Rite, are real cost-savers.

What is Nano-Amplified CBD?

Nano-Amplified CBD is a more efficient, better absorbing CBD made with Nanotechnology. This type of CBD offers better bioavailability, or in other words, improves delivery and absorption in the body. That means you can feel the effects faster than you would with regular CBD, with less product unused and eliminated as waste.

There are three main components to our organic Nano-Amplified CBD process: high-intensity ultrasound waves, Hemp Seed Oil, and CBD Oil. First, we combine organic, high-quality Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil. The blend is then placed in a machine that uses high-intensity ultrasound waves, or vibrations, to shear, blend, and attach each CBD particle with the Hemp Seed Oil (LCT). That bonding allows these tiny particles, between 55 nanometers and 95 nanometers to act similarly in the body to Water-Soluble CBD, dramatically increasing the bioavailability to 55%-65% as compared to about 6% - 10% in most traditional and regular CBD formulations.

We chose Hemp Seed Oil because it's what's known as an LCT - a Long Chain Triglyceride. LCTs are an essential dietary lipid (fat or oil). In the human body, an LCT acts as a "fatty lubricant' that aids in delivering lipophilic substances, or substances that dissolve in fats or lipids - like cannabidiol. By bonding the CBD particles with the LCT. the Nano-CBD Oil can hydrate and rehydrate, giving it increased bioavailability, like that of Water-Soluble CBD.

Benefits of Nano-Amplified CBD

The advanced delivery of Nano-Amplified CBD lends itself to several additional benefits over regular formulated CBD products. First and foremost, regardless of the type of Nano-Amplified CBD product - topicals, tinctures, or treats - you can experience faster and better absorption. Only up to 10% of regular formulated CBD is absorbed after ingestion, while the Nano-Amplification process delivers up to 55%-65% of the product.

With that, the CBD can produce effects quicker and greater. Instead of waiting around for the potential benefits, you can feel them in a much shorter time as a result of its direct delivery.

Lastly, Nano-Amplified CBD prevents the excessive waste that comes with regular CBD products. So much CBD on the market is sold and wasted simply because the body can't absorb its full potential. Nano-Amplified CBD brings the bioavailability up so that you lose only a negligible amount of the product, and always get your money's worth.

Back to Basics: Important Terms

Before you learn about the difference between Nano CBD and the regularly formulated CBD products, let's take a look at some terms to know;

  • Absorb: to take in or integrate into the body
  • Bioavailability: the degree or ability of a substance to be absorbed in the body for use
  • Cannabidiol: also known as CBD - a beneficial, physiologically active molecule found in the Cannabis sativa plant
  • Emulsification: the process of mixing two liquids that cannot be fully blended (for example, oil and water), which makes Water-Soluble CBD possible
  • Nanometer: 1 billionth of a meter
  • Solubility: a substance's ability to be dissolved in a liquid
  • Water Soluble: an emulsified mixture of CBD oil and water that is stable in water-based fluids

Nanotechnology has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, not just for probing deeper into the human body, but also for improving drug delivery to our systems. Now, as technology expands, we're seeing more possibilities - and more visions becoming realities.

Here at Science-Rite, we've experienced one of those dreams-turned-reality. Our exploration into Nanotechnology led us to create some of the most bioavailable cannabidiol (CBD) products. To give you more insight into our production process and how we manage to make such efficient, effective CBD, we're diving into Nano-Amplification: how it works, why it works, and why it's the better option.

Our Gold-Series & Platinum-Series

At Science-Rite, we offer two organic, THC-Free, Broad-Spectrum CBD product lines: Gold-Series and Platinum-Series - each designed to fit a variety of needs.

CBD Savings / Comparisons
CBD Type% Saved per mgDesired CBD ServingAmount RequiredCost Based on Serving $0.10/mg
Platinum-Series CBD Water-Soluble Tincture 90% 100mg 110mg $11.00
Gold-Series CBD Oil-Based Tincture 60% 100mg 140mg $14.00
Regular CBD Oil-Based Tincture 0% 100mg 600mg $60.00

Always remember to consult your doctor before using CBD. There are so many CBD products to choose from; it's just a matter of finding something that works for you.

Our Wellness Finder is an excellent tool for learning about which product will fit your lifestyle. Choose from items to support your health journey, productivity, outward beauty, relaxation, and more.

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