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Assistance Program

Supporting Our Community

At Science-Rite, we strive to help support our communities near and far. We offer 50% off to all our active military, veterans, first responders, nurses, individuals with long-term disabilities, and households that qualify as low-income.

If you fall within one of these categories, please review the requirements for each category below.

Assistance Program

Our mission at Science-Rite CBD is to make all-natural relief accessible to everyone, regardless of income or ability. We also desire to honor and acknowledge those who have sacrificed for the safety and health of our communities.

To ensure everyone is able to enjoy Science-Rite CBD products, we instituted an Assistance Program offering a 50% discount off(Gummies & Softgels discounted at 30% off list) of the first $600 spent each month.

Read more on how to apply, qualifying requirements, and exclusions below.


Veterans of the US Military may provide a scan or photo of a Veteran ID card (VA card), honorable discharge paperwork (DD-214), active military service records, or photo ID with veteran classification.

Acceptable Eligibility Documents:

  • - Veteran ID card (VA card)
  • - Honorable discharge paperwork (DD-214)
  • - Active Military service records
  • - State-issued photo ID with veteran classification

First Responders & Essential Healthcare Workers

If you work as a first responder or essential healthcare personnel, you may provide a scan or photo of your Identification Card proving your occupation.

Acceptable Eligibility Documents:

  • - ID card proving occupation as a doctor, nurse, firefighter, police officer, or EMT


As a low-income American citizen, submit your current or last year's tax return, an SSI awarding letter or update to benefit statement, or an EBT card or Medicaid Card and a state-issued photo ID or license.

Acceptable Eligibility Documents:

  • - Tax Return from the current or previous year
    (returned and completed by the IRS)
  • - EBT card (and state-issued license or photo ID)
  • - Medicaid Card (and state-issued license or photo ID)
  • - SSI awarding letter or update to benefit statement

Long-Term Disability

To apply for our Assistance Program, provide a signed letter from your doctor, hospital, or government agency; a direct deposit check; or an SSDI income awarding letter or update to benefit statement.

Acceptable Eligibility Documents:

  • - Signed letter from a hospital, doctor, or government agency
    (stating long-term or permanent disability)
  • - Direct deposit disability check
  • - SSDI income awarding letter or update to benefit statement

How it Works

  • - Your 50% discount will be applied to the first $600 spent each month. (Note: the /$600 cap is based on sales after the discount is applied. For example, if you buy $100 worth of products, the $50 you pay is applied towards your $600 cap.)
  • - After reaching your $600 cap, any additional products are sold at regular price.
  • - Your account resets on the 1st of every month.
  • - Free Shipping on orders over $75.00.


  • - Assistance Program discounts may not be combined with other coupons.
  • - Gummies & Softgels discounted at 30% off list.
  • - Bulk orders & bundles are discounted at 25% instead of 50%.
  • - Discounts cannot be used to purchase products for other people.

How to Apply

  • 1. Register or log in to your Science-Rite account.
  • 2. Complete our Assistance Program form, including uploading eligibility documents in the appropriate section. Be sure to omit sensitive information like social Security Numbers, etc.
  • 3. After our team reviews your application, we will reach out with the next steps to start enjoying your program benefits.

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