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Our Nano CBD products are made from the highest-quality pure hemp extract. With our proprietary Nanotechnology CBD, you can rest assured knowing that all of our products are grown in the United States and 3rd-party lab-tested to ensure our unyielding standards are met. Within our collection, you will find soft gels, tinctures, beverage enhancers, gummies, topicals, and much more.


Active Lifestyle

To Help You Make That Extra Push.

Our selection of ingestible and topical CBD products includes everything you need to maintain an active lifestyle. Set yourself up for success with delicious beverage enhancers and sublingual tinctures. And after your workout, cool down with the all-natural ingredients in our soothing post-workout CBD topicals. Whatever your lifestyle, we have a curated product to enhance your activity.


Keep Focus

To Help You Stay The Course.

We want to support your productivity with a collection of CBD-infused items designed to improve focus. Keep your brain on task, effective, and interested in whatever you need - work, school, or your favorite hobbies. With naturally derived, plant-based ingredients in every innovative Science-Rite formula, you’ll be ready to start the day.


Soothe Stress

To Help You Feel Calm.

Attack that anxious feeling at the source to unwind and experience calm. Enjoy relaxing evenings, reduced feelings of stress, and improved quality of life with a collection of hand-selected ingredients formulated with Nano CBD. We offer a better solution for when you experience that anxious sensation, without the use of chemicals or drugs - just all-natural, organic ingredients.


Sleep Easy

To Help You Wake Up Feeling Rested.

When you experience quality sleep, you get to savor the beauty of every day. We want to help you enjoy life without worrying about insomnia, interrupted rest, or poor quality of sleep. With our organic, naturally-derived ingredients, you’ll notice a difference. Try our inventory of innovative products, designed to give you an easy way to get to sleep - and stay asleep.


General Wellness

To Help You Make That Extra Push.

We designed every Science-Rite product with your wellbeing in mind. Our products are crafted with a science-based approach to provide you with the safest, most trusted formulas for any occasion. Experience enhanced wellness and better quality of life with our carefully curated collection of natural ingredients and innovative designs, grown right here in the USA.


Everyday Glow

To Help You Look Your Best.

When you look good, you feel good. Instead of covering up with harsh synthetics, enhance your natural beauty using our collection of CBD-infused products. We offer plant-based serums, lotions, creams, and skincare for every need - dry, sensitive, mature, and more. Experience true beauty when you access the magic of science-backed, all-natural, organic skincare.


Furry Friends

To Help You Protect Your Loved Ones.

Pamper your pet with healthy, all-natural ingredients. We offer a line of CBD-infused products designed specifically with your furry friend in mind. From water enhancers and tasty oil tinctures to deliciously flavored treats and soothing shampoos, we have everything your best bud needs. Treat your pet to quality care with natural, science-based ingredients.

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