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What is Water Soluble CBD?- And, is Water Soluble CBD that much better?

Feb 11, 2023

What is Water Soluble CBD?- And, is Water Soluble CBD that much better?

Science-Rite:  What is Water Soluble CBD?- And, is Water Soluble CBD that much better?

What is Water Soluble CBD? 

In recent years, Nanotechnology has gained popularity and public awareness in a variety of industries, especially several tech sectors. We've seen it used in medical technology, homeland security, food safety, and energy conservation, among other areas.

Now, this advanced technology is being applied to the cannabis industry to revolutionize how we can utilize cannabidiol and other cannabinoid compounds. In this realm, Nanotechnology is used to improve the delivery and absorption of compounds naturally found in the HEMP plant.

At Science-Rite, we apply this technology to the production of our CBD products in the form of Nano-Amplification and Nano-Emulsification. These two processes are similar in that they offer increased absorption and bioavailability, but the methods and final products are unique.

This article will cover the differences in the production process, bioavailability, and price between Nano-Amplified CBD and Nano-Emulsified, or Water-Soluble CBD, and how these processes can offer improved absorption.

Nano-Amplification of CBD - Gold Series

At Science-Rite, our Nano-Amplification process involves high-intensity ultrasound waves, CBD Oil, and Organic, Coconut-derived MCT Oil, a Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT). CBD Oil is a lipophilic or fat-soluble substance, meaning that the compound dissolves more easily in lipids (oily organic compounds). That makes it nearly impossible for CBD Oil to absorb in the human body by itself.

We employ MCT Oil to combat that issue. MCTs like Coconut Oil are proven to aid in the delivery of fat-soluble substances, like CBD. However, simply mixing MCT Oil and CBD Oil in a bottle doesn't make the CBD absorbable because of the lipophilic nature of CBD. The compounds need to be combined using the sophistication of Nanotechnology.

To do so, we mix MCT Oil and CBD Oil and place the blend in a machine that implements high-intensity ultrasound waves or vibrations. Those waves are strong enough to assist each CBD particle in shearing and attaching to the Hemp Seed Oil, thereby allowing it to act as a fatty lubricant for improved bioavailability of the CBD.

The Nano-Amplification process dramatically increases the bioavailability of CBD Oil from around 6%-11% to 55%-65%. The substance can be absorbed under the tongue and onward into the lymphatic system, the network consisting of the tonsils, spleen, thymus gland, and lymph nodes responsible for maintaining fluid levels, absorbing fatty acids from the digestive system, and sustaining full-body health. The lymphatic system is also the distribution network for both Nano-Amplified and Water-Soluble CBD.

Only around 6%-11% of regular CBD Oil make it through the first-pass effect, a phenomenon in which orally-administered substances rarely make it past the metabolism of the liver and gut. However, Nano Amplified CBD offers a decreased particle size that allows it to pass through to the lymphatic system. The MCT also allows more CBD to pass through the liver and into the small intestines for additional absorption through the lymphatic system. In the chart below, you can see the theoretical particle size, absorption, and waste of Nano-Amplified CBD compared to regular CBD.

CBD TypeCBD ServingParticle SizeBioavailability Body AbsorptionExcreted Waste
Regular CBD Oil-Based Tincture100mg4,440 Nanometers6%-11%6mg-11mg89mg-94mg
Gold-Series Nano Amplified CBD Oil Based Tincture100mg50-65 Nanometers55%-65%55mg-65mg35mg-45mg

With the help of the lymphatic system, Nano-Amplified CBD is distributed throughout the body for maximum effect, only losing a small amount compared to the ineffective design of regular CBD Oil.

Water Soluble CBD is created using Nano-Emulsification

At Science-Rite CBD, we firmly believe that, yes, Water-Soluble CBD is that much better. Water Soluble CBD is created using a process of Nano-Emulsification, which is similar to that of Nano-Amplification but adds another element: an emulsifying agent.

An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that do not blend, in this case: oil and water. It's possible to combine two ingredients for a short time using aggressive force, like whisking balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but it will not stay combined for long. The two liquids always split eventually, leaving one floating in the other in droplet form.

The job of the emulsifier, or emulgent, is to extend the emulsion state of the mixture. In the case of Nano-Emulsified CBD, an emulsifying powder is added to the CBD Oil before it enters the high-intensity ultrasound wave machine.

Waves from the machine then vibrate the mixture to decrease the size of the particles. Their size decreases enough that the CBD particles become encapsulated inside a minuscule molecule. The end product is a translucent, Water-Soluble CBD Oil.

The water solubility of Nano-Emulsified CBD is possible because the CBD molecule is split into hundreds of nanoparticles around 100 times smaller than regularly-processed CBD molecules, shown in the table below.

CBD TypeCBD ServingParticle SizeBioavailability Body AbsorptionExcreted Waste
Regular CBD Oil-Based Tincture100mg4,440 Nanometers6%-11%6mg-11mg89mg-94mg
Platinum-Series Nano Emulsified CBD Oil Based Tincture100mg25-50 Nanometers80%-90%80mg-90mg10mg-20mg

Water Soluble CBD Oil has the highest bioavailability possible. The process increases the bioavailability or absorption ability of CBD Oil to as high as 90%, wasting only 10-%-20% of the product compared to the approximately 94% wasted with regular CBD.

Nano-Emulsification vs. Nano-Amplification

The implementation of Nanotechnology lends itself to creating a CBD Oil better absorbed by the body, with minimal effort. Both processes improve bioavailability so the products can be absorbed more quickly, whether ingested, infused in edibles, or added to topicals.

The main difference between these two forms of Nano CBD is that Nano-Emulsification improves the bioavailability even more, making it the most advanced option. By encapsulating the particles to make the CBD water-soluble, products offer up to 95% bioavailability, compared to the 45%-55% bioavailability of Nano-Amplified CBD, as you can see in the chart below.

Science-Rite:  Body Absorption Rates

With the increased bioavailability of Nano CBD, the effects begin much more quickly after ingestion. Rather than waiting an hour or more, with Nano-Emulsified CBD, users can feel effects almost immediately, within minutes. That is not to say that Nano-Amplified CBD is at all ineffective. Nano-Amplified CBD products are still up to 6 times more bioavailable than regular CBD.

Additionally, because the Nano-Emulsification process is slightly more involved, products made with Water-Soluble CBD are offered at higher prices. The cost of a Nano-Emulsified CBD product reflects the maximized usage of the product. Prices for Nano-Amplified CBD reflect the same elevated quality. As you can see in the chart below, customers buying Nano CBD get more return on their investment because they can ingest far less product to achieve the same absorption as regular CBD.

CBD Savings Comparisons
CBD Type% Saved per mgDesired CBD ServingAmount RequiredCost based on $1.00 per mg
Platinum-Series Nano-Emulsified CBD Water-Based Tincture90%100mg110mg$110.00
Gold-Series Nano Amplified CBD Oil Based Tincture60%100mg140mg$140.00
Regular CBD Oil Based Tincture0%100mg600mg$600.00

Last, in addition to differences in bioavailability and price, Nano-Amplification and Nano Emulsification produce unique tastes and textures. Nano-Amplified CBD maintains the CBD Oil's natural flavor and oily texture, while Water-Soluble CBD gives a more subtle, undetectable sensation when ingested orally. The slight difference gives customers the chance to personalize their CBD choice not just based on effectiveness and power, but also on flavor preferences.


Nanotechnology offers us the ability to remove any barriers to the possible benefits of CBD. By employing the power of advanced technology, we can promote the development of CBD products that give users the chance to truly experience the potential benefits of cannabidiol without wasting money or time.

Our brand is devoted to following the technological advancements in the CBD industry and continuing to apply progressive Nanotechnology in order to offer our customers the best, highest-quality products. Follow our journey and learn more about what Nano CBD can do for you with us here at Science-Rite.


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