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What is the Technology Behind Science-Rite's Nano-Amplified CBD Products?

Jun 20, 2022

What is the Technology Behind Science-Rite's Nano-Amplified CBD Products?

Science-Rite:  What is the Technology Behind Science-Rite's Nano-Amplified CBD Products?

Nanotechnology has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, not just for probing deeper into the human body, but also for improving drug delivery to our systems. Now, as technology expands, we’re seeing more possibilities - and more visions becoming realities.

Here at Science-Rite, we’ve experienced one of those dreams-turned-reality. Our exploration into Nanotechnology led us to create some of the most bioavailable cannabidiol (CBD) products. To give you more insight into our production process and how we manage to make such efficient, effective CBD, we’re diving into Nano-Amplification: how it works, why it works, and why it’s the better option.

What Is Nano-Amplified CBD?

Nano-Amplified CBD is a more efficient, better absorbing CBD made with Nanotechnology. This type of CBD offers better bioavailability, or in other words, improves delivery and absorption in the body. That means you can feel the effects faster than you would with regular CBD, with less product unused and eliminated as waste.

There are three main components to our organic Nano-Amplified CBD process: high-intensity ultrasound waves, Hemp Seed Oil, and CBD Oil.

First, we combine organic, high-quality Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil. The blend is then placed in a machine that uses high-intensity ultrasound waves, or vibrations, to shear, blend, and attach each CBD particle with the Hemp Seed Oil (LCT). That bonding allows these tiny particles, between 55 nanometers and 95 nanometers, to act similarly in the body to Water-Soluble CBD, dramatically increasing the bioavailability to 55%-65% as compared to about 6% - 10% in most traditional and regular CBD formulations.

We chose Hemp Seed Oil because it’s what’s known as an LCT - a Long Chain Triglyceride. LCTs are an essential dietary lipid (fat or oil). In the human body, an LCT acts as a “fatty lubricant” that aids in delivering lipophilic substances, or substances that dissolve in fats or lipids - like cannabidiol. By bonding the CBD particles with the LCT, the Nano-CBD Oil can hydrate and rehydrate, giving it increased bioavailability, like that of Water-Soluble CBD.

Nano-Amplified CBD, Regular CBD Formulations, & the Lymphatic System

While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with most regular CBD formulations, they just don’t do the job as well as they could. There is nothing aiding most regular CBD formulations in their delivery to the body, and up to 94% of the product is excreted after the first-pass effect. Thus, regular formulations generally take longer to be absorbed and have more waste/unused CBD.

With Nano-Amplified CBD, that problem is eliminated. As the CBD is ingested, its optimized physiological size facilitates the increased absorption of CBD under your tongue and in your mouth, throat, stomach, and onward.

That’s where the lymphatic system comes in. The lymphatic system is a network of organs, vessels, tissues, and plasma that keeps fluid levels balanced, helps fight off infections, and aids in dietary fat absorption, inflammation regulation, and your body’s immune response. It also plays a crucial role in CBD absorption. Nano-Emulsified CBD and Nano-Amplified CBD use the lymphatic system as a distribution network to reach their final destinations.

Approximately 40%-50% of Nano-Amplified CBD Oil makes it past the first-pass effect, 6x more than regular CBD. The majority of this CBD is absorbed in the small intestines and directly into the lymphatic system for distribution, where it can then do its job.

Benefits of Nano-Amplified CBD

The advanced delivery of Nano-Amplified CBD lends itself to several additional benefits over regular formulated CBD products. First and foremost, regardless of the type of Nano-Amplified CBD product - topicals, tinctures, or treats - you can experience faster and better absorption. Only up to 10% of regular formulated CBD is absorbed after ingestion, while the Nano-Amplification process delivers up to 55%-65% of the product.

With that, the CBD can produce effects quicker and greater. Instead of waiting around for the potential benefits, you can feel them in a much shorter time as a result of its direct delivery.

Lastly, Nano-Amplified CBD prevents the excessive waste that comes with regular CBD products. So much CBD on the market is sold and wasted simply because the body can’t absorb its full potential. Nano-Amplified CBD brings the bioavailability up so that you lose only a negligible amount of the product, and always get your money’s worth.

Gold-Series Nano-Amplified CBD at Science-Rite

With a peek behind the curtain of Nanotechnology, we hope you have a better understanding of why we believe in Nano-Amplified CBD. We created a product line that gives you enhanced access to the power of CBD, not just a tiny percentage of it.

All of the products we sell at Science-Rite employ the benefits of science-backed Nanotechnology to offer power-packed CBD with enhanced bioavailability. Take a look at our Gold-Series, THC-Free, Broad-Spectrum, Nano-Amplified CBD products for one that fits your lifestyle, and head over to our blogs for more information on our advanced CBD process, industry news, and everything you need to know to start your CBD journey.


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