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How Can CBD Topicals Be Beneficial for Your Daily Skin Regimen?

Sep 12, 2022

How Can CBD Topicals Be Beneficial for Your Daily Skin Regimen?

Science-Rite:  How Can CBD Topicals Be Beneficial for Your Daily Skin Regimen?

Dealing with skin problems is frustrating, no matter your age. From acne to wrinkles to dry and uber-sensitive skin, it’s hard to find the right product. But what if adding CBD - a compound found in cannabis plants - could be what your skin routine needs? Let’s take a look at some of the potential benefits of CBD topicals.

Types of CBD Topicals

Before we get into the possible pros of CBD topical skincare, let’s discuss the types of topicals available.

You can find CBD in almost any topical, but the most popular products are cleansers, masks, toners, lotions, serums, and scrubs. These products, and others, can be infused with CBD and other natural ingredients to make a botanical blend of plant-based skincare.

If you’re interested in adding a CBD topical to your regime, consider what products you already use regularly. Substituting a CBD-infused version of your regular cleanser, for example, might give you that little extra oomph you need. Or, if you use lotion to combat dry skin, incorporating a moisturizer that includes CBD can offer you the same benefits of your regular lotion - with an added boost of CBD. But how can topical CBD change your skincare routine?

What Can CBD Add to Skincare?

Research on cannabidiol is still growing, but there may be some potential benefits of using the compound topically, or on the skin.

CBD May Contain Antioxidant Properties

Some studies have found that CBD may contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are a celebrated skincare ingredient, used to work against free radicals to protect skin from sun damage and other environmental stressors. Topical products with added plant-based antioxidants may help keep your skin feeling youthful and fresh.

Plant-Based Ingredients May Soothe Acne

Anyone dealing with acne knows just how much it takes out of your confidence. Botanical ingredients like vitamins and plant-based options have been found to soothe pesky pimples by reducing cell production of sebum, the oily material that creates acne when overproduced. Products containing all-natural ingredients are especially helpful for acne-prone skin.

You May Feel Extra Relaxation with CBD

Everyone knows the biggest secret to smooth, healthy skin is living a stress-free life. But that’s not always possible. Enjoy a calming skincare routine by pampering yourself with topical CBD to soothe everyday stress. Self-care is the best way to improve your complexion, and many CBD topical products are made to easily add to your nightly or morning routine.

Finding the Right CBD Topical Skincare Products

CBD topical skincare essentials made with Nanotechnology offer improved bioavailability compared to regular CBD products. This innovative tech may allow the compound to absorb into the skin better than other CBD topical products.

Look for CBD topicals containing all-natural, organic ingredients. The best way to pamper your skin is with science-based products, not ones that use CBD just so it’s on the ingredient list.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This article is not meant as medical advice, always consult with your doctor before trying CBD or other skincare products.*


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