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Adaptive Abilities of CBD: A Highly Intuitive Compound

May 30, 2022

Adaptive Abilities of CBD: A Highly Intuitive Compound

Adaptive Abilities of CBD: A Highly Intuitive Compound

It’s not always easy to stay in balance. Disease, infections, environmental changes, hormone imbalances, differences in diet and exercise - thousands of factors influence the homeostasis, or balance and stability, of the human body.

Finding methods to support internal homeostasis is a goal of doctors and scientists worldwide, and cannabidiol (CBD) might offer an option due to its potential ability to target issues in the body. Read on to learn about the adaptive abilities of cannabidiol and what that could mean for your wellness journey.

The ECS and Homeostasis

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a regulatory network in every human and vertebrate body. The network extends throughout the body, including cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes. Its job is to keep us healthy by regulating mood, sleep, immunity, pain, inflammation, and more.

As scientists discovered in the 1990s, internal balance is only possible with a functioning endocannabinoid system. The system itself has been evolving in primates for over 600 million years, but it only recently entered discussions about human health. However, now that it’s in the spotlight, we’re learning just how influential the system is for maintaining homeostasis.

How Does CBD Help Us Reach Homeostasis?

We consider CBD to be an intuitive compound. When absorbed in the body, it seeks out trouble and goes where it is needed, like a superhero that can sense danger from miles away. In the case of the CBD superhero, scientists haven’t yet discovered the exact mechanisms that let it address problems, but they have found things like molecular targets.

A molecular or biological target is a molecule in the body that is closely connected to an issue and can be addressed by a substance. Most often, molecular targets are proteins, enzymes, receptors, ion channels, and transporters.

With CBD, those targets and the action CBD takes depend greatly on the individual. For example, one study found that CBD either suppressed or supported cytokines, proteins present in the inflammatory process, depending on the current state of the individual’s immune system. In other words, CBD acted differently depending on what the body might have needed.

The theory is that CBD engages different targets as opposed to just one - possibly up to 65 - so the effects result from those multiple action mechanisms. CBD isn’t the only substance with this ability. Aspirin, for example, is a treatment for headaches and fevers but can also decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack, among other diseases.

As research grows, scientists are focusing on all the potential benefits of CBD and how to use the compound to best address specific issues.

Enhancing the Adaptive Abilities of CBD through Nanotechnology

One thing is clear in the research: regular CBD products may struggle to perform due to low bioavailability. In regard to the molecular targeting of CBD, studies have found that some targets are only addressed in high concentrations of CBD when studied in vitro, or outside of the body. That’s a concern because maintaining a high concentration of CBD in vivo, or in the body, is extremely difficult or impossible using regular CBD oil.

Regular CBD products offer low body absorption rates due to the fat-soluble nature of the compound. When ingested, around 94% of the product is lost after the first-pass effect because of liver and gut metabolism.

However, new advances in CBD technology eliminate that issue, allowing the compound to reach its full power. Nano-Amplification and Nano-Emulsification, or Water-Soluble CBD, dramatically increase its absorption ability by enabling it to bond or be encapsulated by Long-Chain Triglycerides (LCTs). Because CBD itself is fat-soluble, the LCT allows it to scoot past the first-pass effect and address any and all targets.

Science-Rite: Adaptive CBD with Nanotechnology

CBD already offers incredible potential benefits, and we believe in supporting its natural power through cutting-edge technology like Nano-Amplification and Nano-Emulsification. We want to give everyone access to that power, so we designed a line of Gold-Series Nano-Amplified CBD, and a line of Platinum-Series Water-Soluble CBD. Check out our product list and learn more about NANO CBD on the way - all here at Science-Rite.


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